Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rants and Praises

I know, I know, it has been a very long time since I have updated. I have worried about who reads this blog, and what people think of it. I have a great relationship with my family, and I didn't want to ruin it. I have many many feelings about religion that would trample on this relationship and so I have to tread very carefully. I am proud of my family, I think they are amazing people, but I do not agree with them on many things. Even if they themselves do not feel that way, they participate and empower a process that does do harm to people.

That is now off my chest, and that is as detailed as I wish to divulge and will probably get a phone call later...

Let's cheer stuff up for a bit, I wanted to praise an old friend I had the pleasure of talking to last night. Mike was a high school friend, that I met through another friend. I was still mormon at the time going through the usual questions of if I lose the church will I go crazy? What is a person without religion? Don't they all go drink party and have sex? why else would they leave the church if they only wanted to commit sin? Mike and his family as weird as they are, were perfectly normal, behaved, suburban family. Without even knowing they were role models, showed me that religion isn't necessary, just by being there. No talks, no lectures, no questions, just being people. It was amazing and I loved every bit of it. This was probably the first steps into my atheism and I encourage anyone else who is questioning things, simple meet someone outside of your church, observe them, would you be able to tell what religion they were or were not without them telling you or displaying symbols? Your way, is not the only way, people are not lost, they are different.

(out of context insert) Oh also my friend Candice is writing a blog, and with her optimism and dedication has motivated me to pick up the keyboard again, thank you

Wow turning into a rant already....I get very opinionated about this stuff.

Let's dive in then.

I had the "privilege" of watching Nye vs. Ham debate. If I had a drinking game for every time Ham said I have all the answers right here in this book, the Holy Bible, I wouldn't be able to find the keyboard 16 hours later. The contradictions from statement to statement hurt my head, the lack of even listening to a single thing Nye said, and not actually answering any questions. Things that really struck out at me were: Talking about how correct the bible is and that the bible is the word of god and it is full of truths, basing every part of his model on this book. Then when he is asked about if he would stone someone for touching pigs skin, his reply is the book was written by man and is full of mistakes and rules of the current writer's society. It is OK though, Ken Ham knows exactly which parts of the bible are accurate. Later they talk of survival of the fittest, Nye explains that it is a misconception that fittest does not mean strength as in gym fitness but in what fits in best with nature. Not 30 seconds later, Ken Ham attacks survival of the fittest and says it isn't survival of the fittest it is survival of the survivor.....facepalm. He then provides an example of a cave fish who has ancestors that had vision, but now it is blind, see evolution doesn't work because the fish lost a function.....that it no longer uses.....and isn't needed......and doesn't help its survive in it's environment....

Ok so I had a huge break since starting writing and taking care of abby when she got home from school, and I got in a few disputes on facebook that really really irked me. So I guess I will talk about how much Idaho sucks in another post, and why just a theory is a stupid stupid thing to say. So I am going to put the keyboard down, punch a pillow and come back at a later time.

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