Monday, November 18, 2013


Ok ok ok, so I have got the dad, and the atheist input on there, what about the games? Well gee maybe that's why I haven't posted in a while. GoG was/is having their insomniac sale, which in my opinion was the dumbest sale idea ever! Why you ask? I'll tell you, take every person that has ever purchased from GoG sitting at the computer looking at the main page, ONE game is sold at a time with quantities varying from 50 to 500 (some free). NOW take those 50 copies at 75%-Free, and have probably over 1 million people click ALL at once! Wait.....why did the server crash? WHY did this not go through! Wait NO I lost out on this game I really wanted! Don't worry it will go on sale AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN....but there is a catch, you have to sit through and wait until ALL the games that NOBODY wants, gets purchased before they cycle the next game on sale. You could of just said this game ACTUALLY has 1500 copies at this price, instead of selling 250 each time it comes around, and just let everyone buy the game they want. So with GoG complaints out of the way (picked up Startopia and Beyond Good and Evil), lets move onto the Humble Bundle Store. 

Awesome, Humble Bundle has a store front! great company doing great things, games will always be sold at whatever price (comparable to GoG/Amazon/Steam), and 10% goes to charity, smaller cut taken from developers, its a win win win. I just wish that Humble Bundle kept with their DRM free philosophy, like GoG does. For anyone who doesn't know what DRM is I will do a short angry explanation for you. It can vary from something as simple as enter in a CD key, to something as stupid as, enter in a CD key, but you only have 3 times you can install/use CD key, then you have to authenticate with online servers, if the servers are down (which they usually are) you cant authenticate, then after authentication you need to stay connected to their server to play the game, on single player.....ever played a game on single player and died from server lag? its crazy I know. So with Humble Bundle kicking out DRM free only you have to be wary, at least when you highlight the game it will say which OS (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/Steam) and if it is DRM free. Picked up System Shock 2 from there, NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!

So aside from playing a ton of Awesomenauts, X-Com Enemy Unknown (not the recently released DLC Enemy Within), Startopia, and Beyond Good and Evil, we have been keeping busy getting the house Foster Child Ready, We will call this FCR for short, I like it! We went to a VIP sale at furniture row and found a nice bunk bed with stairs instead of a ladder to get to the top bunk, and on these stairs, each one has a drawer! Then after getting 2 bunk beds/4 mattresses we went down to the Honda dealership where we got the CR-V. Instantly got nabbed up with the first salesman when we walked through the door. Said we just wanted to test drive an Odyssey since we wouldn't be getting a van till we get approved for foster care. So he sits us down and starts running numbers. Great...I know where this is going. Then as he's talking about sales we see our original salesman (from the CR-V) who recently returned from fighting fires and said to my wife hey look there is Ben! Salesman realizes hes never going to get the sale through us, and turns us over to him. Ben actually remembers us from 2 years ago (creepy and awesome) and without setting us down, goes and tracks down keys for an Odyssey for us to drive. During the drive we go through all the questions and concerns as well as selling points, great experience. Currently Odyssey's are nearly impossible to find, and the only one on the lot cannot be sold until they get the parts to fix the recall, which are back ordered as late as February. We have our fingers crossed that everything goes well.

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