Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Adventure Begins!

So I have decided that I will at least somewhat perhaps maybe try to document my adventures from here on out. Well with the exception of getting you up to speed with where I am at currently of course. It all started in time long lost and forgotten, 3 weeks ago to be exact. I have finally turned in my badge at Micron, laid off at last! Abagael, my daughter, had finished her last day of daycare as well.

I was now officially Stay-At-Home Gamer Dad, an upgraded model of just Gamer Dad. My wife got her job offer at a CPA firm just down the road, so everything was just going great. We went out and adopted our new dog the next day. He had been staying at a foster home on Elm Street, because he wasn't doing well in the dog shelter. He had been biting his leg out of stress/scared/etc. So it was only 4 days before Halloween, he was staying on Elm Street, so we decided to name him Freddy Kruger, or just Freddy.

So far Freddy has been a great addition to our family. Despite being a stray (I don't believe it for a second, aka we believe he was abandoned) he is extremely well mannered, knows many commands already, house trained, in fact he has a special poop and pee spot off to the side of the yard! He follows us around everywhere in the house, doesn't need a leash (unless required by law of course).

Abby and Freddy have become great friends, Freddy guards her door sometimes when shes napping. He has learned that Abby is not a big fan of being licked and has kept it down to a minimum. While we are preparing dinner, those two will just wander around together in the backyard, doing their own thing, but together.

Well now that we have the career for one parent, and a stay at home parent, we decided it would be time to expand our family. Abagael is already 3, and after a pregnancy, she would probably be close to 4. That age difference felt like it would be too much. So we thought, the world has a population problem already, lets do our part and take in some Foster children. It is going to be tough, but these children need homes, we have one, with 2 unused bedrooms.

Of course with announcing that we are going to be in the foster care program everyone had to put in their two bits, such as you have to watch out for those foster kids, they are in the program for a reason, or those are just bad kids you don't want to do that, and my personal favorite you aren't cut out to be a parent. Love the support guys! You are awesome!

We are still going forward, we have found many people who have come out of the woodwork and have actually given support and think this is a fantastic idea and have volunteered help whenever needed. So we filled out the application, set up the initial training, background checks are underway, fingerprinting is just down the road and we are super excited and nervous.

(Halloween 2013)

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  1. A four year age difference is far from too much, but it's awesome that you guys will be helping out kids in need. I also really liked the paragraph about how Abi and Freddy are getting along.